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Advanced label solutions for increased brand protection

The new Total Quartz 9000 5W-40 label is a first in South Africa. Our team have innovatively combined hi-tech digital and flexographic printing to provide a scannable, 2-level verification solution to improve protection against counterfeiting. These features include a QR code which enables consumers to check products’ authenticity with a mobile phone app. The substrate is a specially imported silver polyethene, with a hot-melt adhesive that underpins the high-gloss, metallic finish created by the metallic inks.

Lubricant counterfeiting is a significant problem across the globe and sub-standard products can have catastrophic consequences, such as malfunction of machinery and destruction of product. QR codes have become an increasingly popular and effective way to provide on-pack security solutions that combine serialisation with track-and-trace functionality.

TotalEnergies is a broad energy company that produces and markets energies on a global scale. They required improved packaging protection against counterfeiting on their new Total Quartz oil range, as part of a “Deter-Detect-Defend” strategy. FIL worked closely with AlpVision, a leading Swedish supplier of patented label technologies for counterfeit protection, to provide an advanced security solution for the new Total Quartz 9000 5W-40 label.

The double-encrypted label is printed using our HP-tech and enables end-users to easily check whether their product is genuine. This is done by simply using a smartphone to scan the Secured QR Code on pack. A Secured QR Code is a standard QR code with an additional layer of security that is able to detect counterfeiting.

The modifications are invisible to the naked eye and provide an extra level of security. The Standard QR Code is secured by adding micro-holes in the black areas of the QR code during the printing process. Deep learning is used to ensure the security of detection.

This detection is made by a dedicated smartphone application that is free to download from both the AppStore and PlayStore. The TotalEnergies app is easy to use, has offline functionality and takes only seconds to scan the QR code and authenticate the product.

FIL is proud to have been a part of this innovative project. We are excited to be able to offer clients more advanced ways of securing and tracking their products whilst providing customers with the peace of mind that they are getting the genuine, top-quality products they expect from the brand.

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