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1. Averda –

Averda is the leading waste management and recycling company in the emerging world, operating in India, the Middle East and Africa. We provide a wide range of waste and recycling services to over 60,000 clients – large and small – across the private and public sectors. These include the municipal authorities of major cities and household names in a wide range of sectors including oil & gas, automotive, retail and hospitality.

2. Carbon Calculated –

Established in 2008, Carbon Calculated has partnered with a variety of businesses to measure, report and minimise their greenhouse gas related emissions, ultimately increasing efficiency and driving down their operational costs.

3. DNV –

We are the independent expert in assurance and risk management. Driven by our purpose, to safeguard life, property, and the environment, we empower our customers and their stakeholders with facts and reliable insights so that critical decisions can be made with confidence. As a trusted voice for many of the world’s most successful organizations, we use our knowledge to advance safety and performance, set industry benchmarks, and inspire and invent solutions to tackle global transformations.

4. Extrupet –

Extrupet is one of the largest and most advanced recyclers of PET bottle materials on the African continent. Since our establishment in 2000, Extrupet has become one of the largest and most advanced recyclers of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle materials on the African continent.

We specialise in reclaiming and converting waste PET bottles into various grades of PET flakes and chips. This is then converted into fibre, thermoforming, food-grade and strapping grade material to produce high quality and reliable end-products for use in packaging and other applications.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory and testing facility ensure all products can be guaranteed and certified as fit for purpose within the specified industry.

5. Fibre Circle –

Fibre Circle is a government-recognised producer responsibility organisation. We manage extended producer responsibility programmes to keep paper and paper packaging, which are renewable and recyclable products, out of South Africa’s landfills. This helps to create a clean and dignified living and working environment for all South Africans.

6. Dept of Forestry, Fisheries & the Environment –

The legal mandate and core business of the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE) are to manage, protect and conserve South Africa’s environment and natural resources. The mandate is informed by section 24 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 (Act No. 108 of 1996), which affords everyone the right to (a) an environment that is not harmful to their health or well-being; and (b) to have the environment protected for the benefit of present and future generations, through reasonable legislative and other measures.

7. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) –

At the Forest Stewardship Council&Reg; (FSC&Reg;) we unite individuals, businesses, governments, and NGOs under a common goal: protecting healthy, resilient forests for all, forever.

8. FSSC 22000 –

Food Safety: FSSC 22000 offers a certification Scheme for the auditing and certification of Food Safety Management Systems to ensure the provision of safe food, feed, and packaging to the consumer goods industry.

9. GBA (Green Building Africa) –

Green Building Africa is a successful B to B digital publication that services the renewable energy, high performance building and infrastructure sectors in SA & Africa.

10. Interwaste –

With a long record of service delivery and technological excellence, Interwaste prides itself in being the leading waste management company operating in Southern Africa. Equipped with passion and driven by the determination to realise our vision of leading in the sustainable preservation of our environment, we consistently innovate and create winning solutions for a range of waste problems.

11. Petco –

Petco is a producer responsibility organisation (PRO), trusted by its members and the collection and recycling industry to drive change across the packaging value chain on a journey to help lead South Africa to a circular economy.

12. Polyco –

Polyco is focused on making waste a valuable resource that works for our economy. We aim to grow the collection and recycling of all plastic packaging in South Africa and to promote the responsible use and reuse of this plastic packaging. Our mission is to reduce the amount of plastic packaging going to landfill and to end plastic waste in the environment. Polyco does this by collaborating with multiple stakeholders, by investing in recycling innovation and infrastructure in South Africa, and by educating both the industry and the consumer about recycling.

13. Printing SA –

Printing SA (The Printing Industries Federation of South Africa NPC) is recognised as the official mouthpiece of the South African printing, packaging and signage industry and is consulted by government and all other important national bodies. Its modus operandi, control and efforts lie in the hands of its membership comprising of printing, packaging, labelling and other companies within the industry.

14. SAQI (South African Quality Institute) –

At SAQI we believe the Quality approach is the foundation for South Africa’s economic success and a better quality of life for all our people. Our priority is to promote Quality awareness in all South Africans and to influence the general public to expect quality in products and services and to spontaneously include quality in all their activities.

15. Sedex –

At Sedex, our mission is to supply data-driven insights, tools, and services to help companies continuously improve environmental, social, and governance (ESG) outcomes. We help businesses improve sustainability performance.

16. South African Reforestation Trust –

SAReforest is a platform of conservation-active landowners who plant and extend indigenous, pristine and diverse natural forest-eco-systems which will be protected and secure for generations to come.

17. The Institute of Packaging SA –

IPSA aims to promote high standards and professionalism in the packaging industry, to provide opportunities for networking and education and to promote the recognition of packaging as a profession.

18. Use It –

USE-IT is a Non-Profit Organisation with registered PBO status with the express aim of diverting waste and creating jobs.

eThekwini waste material recovery industry development cluster. Diverting waste from landfill by creating employment opportunities in the green economy. Building successful future entrepreneurs.

FIL sustainability goals:

  • To offer feasible products able to be recycled in the South African market
  • To drive and lead a mindshift change in packaging
  • To partner with local recyclers to create end-to-end solutions
  • To promote job creation
  • To future proof our planet
  • To filter out ‘green washing’
  • To ensure we comply to local legislation and push forward with best practice
  • Carbon offsetting

FIL sustainability initiatives & partnerships with these affiliates:

  • Recyclable label solution in partnership with Avery Dennison, CleanFlake & Extrupet that offers complete label removal during recycling, turning PET recycling into rPET & passes all international testing. (See pg 4 of sustainability deck for more info if needed)
  • Polyolefin sleeve sink float solution helps brands recycle with floatable shrink film material made from low-density Polyolefin. (See pg 7 of sustainability deck for more info if needed)
  • Circular economy in partnership with Petco that makes recyclable bottles easier to identify with a trademarked code on product. (See pg 9 of sustainability deck for more info if needed)
  • Diversion of waste landfill: a paper recycling program in partnership with Avery Dennison and Interwaste. (See pg 10 of sustainability deck for more info if needed)
  • FIL have set a year-on-year CO2 Emissions reduction plan in place –more than doubled the annual target of 5% with a 11% reduction in 2023.
  • Tree planting initiative in partnership with SAReforest to restore ecosystems through carbon resetting & forest restoration.
  • Onsite Waste Management Net Zero Project in partnership with Averda that finds alternatives to landfills, develops recycling partnerships, minimised office waste.
  • Joint venture with Redefine Properties on our building: Acquired a 4-star rating by the Green Building Council of SA.
  • Solar & PV project underway – I think PV stands for photovoltaics (which are semiconductors that generate electricity from sunlight)