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Celebrating a trailblazer this Women’s Month

For Women’s Month, we thought it fitting to celebrate a woman who’s blazed her own trail in the printing industry. Bev Law is our Business Development Manager here at First Impression Labels and her remarkable journey exemplifies courage, growth, and empowerment, inspiring women everywhere to break barriers and make their mark in any field they choose.

Bev’s entry into the printing industry began in 1977 as a leap of faith, having previously been working in the financial sector. As a novice, she fearlessly embraced new challenges, deciding to absorb knowledge from her more experienced colleagues, “I made up my mind that I was going to be a sponge and learn as much as I could from all those around me”. From studying the intricacies of setting type and press setups in the print factory to observing her boss interacting with customers, Bev’s dedication to learning knew no bounds.

In a predominantly male-dominated industry, Bev knew it was going to be tough to stake her claim immediately. Her tactic was to embrace the expertise of her male peers and soak up invaluable knowledge and experience, which helped create the building blocks of her career. “Be gracious, be polite, but be firm!” she encourages, showing that empowerment comes from mutual understanding and respect.

Balancing work and personal life is a challenge many women face, especially in this age of technology where cell phones and online meetings make you always-reachable. There is a myriad of pressures placed on you when being a professional, a wife, and a mother so Bev offers the following advice, “Don’t suffer in silence, sanity must prevail, so ask for help when you need it!”.

As a leader in her organisation, Bev believes in empowering others through mentorship and support. “A helping-hand held out to someone is very often appreciated and grasped,” she says. To young women entering the industry, her advice is full of encouragement: “Believe in yourself. Know your strengths and weaknesses and work on both to improve all the time.”

Throughout her journey, Bev has drawn valuable support from her understanding family, personal meditation, and motivational teachings. To fuel her drive, she is always seeking new opportunities and learning from her own successes and failures as well as those around her.

She takes great pride in FIL’s Mandela Day initiatives and the annual donations made to the Highway Baby Home, as being a testament to the positive impact women-led organisations can make in society.

As we celebrate Women’s Month, we acknowledge Bev’s journey and the journeys of women like her, who have shattered glass ceilings and created paths for others to follow. Let us celebrate the strength, resilience, and empowerment of women in every sphere of life. Together, we can create a world where women’s achievements are celebrated every day, and where they continue to thrive, inspire, and lead with unwavering determination.

Happy Women’s Month!