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FIL Wins Gold with New Roll-ons Range

Along with our two Finalist Awards and two Bronze Medals at the 2022 IPSA Gold Pack Awards, we were overjoyed to also win a Gold Medal for our work on Unilever’s new roll-on deodorant ranges.

Unilever has redesigned its iconic roll-on bottle for its Shield and Dove ranges. The Unilever “Alcaball” design, which dominated the roll-on market for twenty years, has been revamped in response to consumer feedback. The design update is part of a global rollout that was launched first here in South Africa and is aligned with the Unilever Sustainability Plan.

The redesigned pack has a host of new features to benefit the consumer and improve the application experience. The new bottle feels smooth and is ergonomically designed to sit neatly in the hand. Despite the narrower base, the new pack contains the same volume of product as previously. The flattened cap enables the bottle to stand upside-down, allowing consumers to access every last drop of the product.

Functionally, the new design has integrated the neck and cage, thus removing the old ball and cage assembly. The novel design combines injection moulding and injection blow moulding for the caps and bottles.

In terms of environmental awareness, the new pack is 30% lighter and made from recyclable materials (the bottle is HDPE and the cap is polypropylene). With the HDPE recycling stream being more developed in South Africa, the redesign improves the chances of recyclability, uses less virgin plastic, and decreases the amount of waste in landfills.

The sleek design has improved shelf efficiency by increasing bottle storage per metre from 170 to 265 units, allowing consumers to access more variants while saving on replenishment costs, time and money.

The pack artwork and brand identification have been revamped with a three-label design; two on the body and one on the cap. Created by First Impression Labels in white polyethylene, the front and rear label sizes have been changed from 39mm x 38mm to 55mm x 37.50mm on the FOP and 42mm x 35mm on the BOP.

The front label is printed in 4-5 colours and is crisp, clean and easy to read. The rear label is printed in a single colour and contains a sharp barcode and all legislative information. The cap label is printed in 3 colours and provides for brand differentiation. Printing shows excellent registration and precise type.

We’re extremely proud to have been a part of this project that was two years in development and delivered on time despite the challenges of Covid-19. We’d like to thank Unilever for the opportunity to partner with them on this South Africa and global first, and IPSA for recognising the excellence of this pack by awarding it a Gold Medal.

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