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First Impression’s Business Continuity Plan for Load Shedding

In light of the country’s current energy crisis and industry being subjected to bouts of sustained load shedding, the ability to action a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is imperative. A BCP helps a company to continue operations after any crisis that might interrupt business as usual.

First Impression Labels has established a BCP that covers both planned and unplanned power interruptions. Using a combination of alternative power supplies helps our staff to continue with work even when the electricity supply stops, minimising business delays.

Our alternative energy capabilities ensure a supply of power at the required quality and safety standards of our industry. All of our IT infrastructure, data transfer, storage and ERP are 100% supported by alternative energy supplies such as diesel generators and full-load Uninterrupted Power Supplies. The same 100% support applies to our manufacturing facility’s emergency circuit. Currently, 75% capacity of our manufacturing equipment is available during power interruptions, which is supported by diesel generation.

To ensure the consistent functioning of our alternative power supplies, we have installed a bulk diesel storage tank, governed by local and national authority limitations, to fuel our generators. Our diesel generators also prevent our water supply from being impacted by load shedding as our reticulation is through a bulk water storage tank, supported by diesel generation, during power interruptions.

To further bolster our ‘Off The Grid’ capabilities, FIL is currently conducting feasibility studies with the following alternative energy sources, to eliminate business risk due to power interruptions:

  • Increasing diesel generation capacity
  • Implementing Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Solar PV with energy storage options
  • Power Wheeling Agreements through various independent power providers within the renewable energy sector
  • Rotary UPS plants
  • Gas turbine plants with regenerative thermal absorption systems

An effective BCP is one that remains flexible and agile, able to react quickly in times of crisis as well as proactively assess future risks and make provision for them. At FIL we are constantly reviewing and updating our BCP processes and systems to help ensure that the power stays on and our customers are kept happy.

If you need assistance meeting your deadlines during power cuts, get in touch with us today.