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JIK Range

JIk Bleach is a well-known household brand and in-line with a new marketing strategy Reckitt Benckiser upgraded the labelling on the range in Dec 2018. The move from a wet glue label to a wraparound label improves line efficiency, brand image tactile impact, label longevity and highlights the germ-killing properties.
Bleach labels, in their working environment, must withstand a great deal of punishment. The product is harsh on packaging and supply chains and consumers don’t handle bleach bottles with care. Bleach is deemed to be utilitarian and packaging is expected to operate in both wet and dry environments, under all conditions.

However, brand owners need their packaging to look and feel appealing. Bleach bottles up to 1 litre are gripped around the body so packs must have a positive tactile impact. Reckitt Benckiser chose to strategically replace their previous paper labels, which at times used to tear and lose colour, with a new glossy label.

First Impression Labels over seven months created:

  1. A series of 30-micron BOPP labels in up to 9 colours + a laminate.
  2. Fables that hug the packs more tightly and have a smooth glossy finish.
  3. Striking colours and superb print quality. All type is clear and readable.
  4. A label that is more resistant to product damage, is scuff resistant, lasts longer, feels smoother on the skin and is more visually attractive than the paper label.
  5. A solution that works well on all sizes and variants and is appealing across the range.
  6. Better efficiency and environmental impact on the labelling line by replacing wet glue labels with wraparound labels. This reduces ongoing adhesive cleaning time, down-time and fumes.