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Nestlé® Nankid® 4

Launched May 2020. The NESTLÉ® NANKID® 4 wraparound is one of the most sophisticated currently on shelf and features simulated gold, silver and blue foiling as graphic trims, a matt finish and superb registration. The design complexity represents the premium nature of the product, while simultaneously promoting a caring brand.
The transformation of the NESTLÉ® NANKID® 4 packaging focused on improving the select image of the pack while retaining elements that are emblematic of the brand. NESTLÉ® NANKID® is a premium drink for growing children that are between 3-5 years old.

The stunning wraparound was created in 7 colours plus a laminating adhesive on a silver 30 micron metallised BOPP.

Although packed full of special “foiling” effects, all of this has been achieved without actually using foil. Pantone colour 3135 has been applied in both solid and tone and the design makes use of the silver BOPP to create a “blingy” effect. The graphic silver-blue trims have been produced by over-printing a blue onto the metallised BOPP. A duotone print has been used under the birds to create a glossy nest.

The NANKID® logo has been printed in a dark blue with a vignette. The gold trims and 150 YEARS SCIENCE LEADER were created by printing CMYK onto the metallised BOPP.

A stunning tactile and visual gloss/matt contrast was achieved in the final stages of the in-line print process by covering the entire wraparound with a “bubble-free” matt laminate. Spot gloss varnish was then selectively applied to visually project the “blingy” gold and silver effects against the matt.

Another interesting feature is the 3D effect Nestlé Logo. That impression has been created by smart use of the blues against the white.

The consumer education section is easy to follow and the graphic precision in the design symbolizes innovation and expertise. However, contrasting use of white, soft and comforting shapes, holds the brand promise of care and support.

The wraparound is finished in CMYK “Proudly South African” logo.

The printing, design and contrasts on this wraparound are nothing short of spectacular and are significantly more sophisticated than previous packs.