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Partnering for a Better Tomorrow

At FIL, we’re not just about printing amazing labels, we aim to be agents of change in the packaging industry. With a firm commitment to sustainability and upholding the highest industry standards, we’ve forged partnerships with companies that share our vision of pioneering new ways to reduce waste, minimise our carbon footprint, and promote responsible resource use. Our mission is clear: to offer high quality products that can be recycled in the South African market and to lead a mindshift change in packaging.

Sustainable Labelling Solutions
To achieve our sustainability goals whilst still producing world class labelling solutions, we’re implementing innovative practices that prioritise recycling. Our partnerships with leading companies like Avery Dennison and Extrupet, have allowed us to implement advanced product technologies such as CleanFlake and Polyolefin shrink sleeves to create completely removable labels that enable the easy recycling of PET into rPET.

Waste Management
Through our collaboration with Averda, we’re implementing an onsite waste management net-zero project that seeks alternatives to landfills and develops recycling partnerships. We’re working to minimise office waste with colour-coded recycling bins and have been awarded a Gold 5 Star Waste Management Award and Sustainable Workplace Award. We’re working towards a circular economy through projects such as our partnership with Petco, where trademarked codes on recyclable bottles make them easier to identify and helps create jobs for waste pickers. Our Glassine liner and paper recycling programs, developed in partnership with Avery Dennison, Interwaste and Fibre Circle help divert paper waste from landfills to further reduce our environmental impact.

Efficiency and Carbon Footprint
By focusing on optimising our day-to-day proficiency in managing operations, energy, and machinery, we were able to achieve a 4-star rating certified by the Green Building Council of South Africa, in partnership with Redefine Properties. We have set goals to reduce our carbon emissions in collaboration with Carbon Calculated and are pleased to be ahead of projections with an 11% reduction in CO2 emissions in 2023 alone.

Responsible Resource Use
By partnering with the Dept of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment, the Forest Stewardship Council, and the South African Reforestation Trust we promote environmental stewardship by constantly looking for new ways to responsibly utilise and manage resources and protect our forests.

Highest Standards
We uphold the highest standards in everything we do and with the help of independent experts and industry leaders such as DNV, Sedex and the South African Quality Institute, we’ve cemented our compliance with all South African legislation, including FSSC 22000 and ISO 9001, and are pushing forward with best practice.

As a proudly South African business, our affiliations and partnerships with local recyclers and institutions help us to create holistic, end-to-end solutions for future-proofing our planet and promoting job creation. By proactively adopting eco-friendly processes and practicing carbon offsetting whilst complying with local legislation, we’ve dedicated ourselves to filtering out ‘greenwashing’ and promulgating genuine environmental stewardship. Together, we’re shaping a sustainable future where our actions speak louder than words.