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Recognising the very best in the South African packaging industry – Gold Pack Awards 2021

We’re proud to announce that our innovative new Total Quartz 9000 5W-40 Motor Oil packaging was a finalist in the 2021 Gold Pack Awards.

These prestigious awards showcase the very best of the packaging industry in SA and Africa across a variety of categories. Being selected as a finalist is a great industry achievement and allows entry into the World Packaging Organisation’s WorldStar Awards for a chance to shine internationally.

The Gold Pack Awards was started in 1973 by the Institute of Packaging South Africa. It’s a platform to promote innovation and excellence, and identify the best packaging solutions that have met SA and African standards and challenges.

The history and reputation of these awards provide great credibility in the market and a competitive advantage for all candidates selected as finalists and winners.

The Gold Pack Awards are a way of benchmarking SA’s industry against global packaging developments and standards. They recognise outstanding packaging design, fit for purpose construction, convenience aspects, application of technology, product protection and environmental impact.

The entries are divided up into two broad categories. The first group pertains to the product’s market type and the second to the packaging materials. These two groups are then further broken down into sub-categories based on specific criteria.

The judging panel consists of impartial packaging industry experts. They carefully evaluate each entry, taking into account the conditions and challenges under which the packaging was produced. The judges consider any imported technology and components but a critical qualification for entry is that the packaging must have been converted in Africa.

Current market conditions affect the scoring, and this year there was a focus on sustainability, recyclability, and extended producer responsibility. From a marketing and ROI perspective, the entries were judged on how the packaging benefitted the client’s business, how it affected sales and what was the market response.

Ultimately, winners were chosen based on excellence of execution and the elements of design that make the packaging exceptional in this market and at this time. It’s a great honour to make it through to the final round and every finalist can be justifiably proud of this achievement.