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SmartPack™ turns products into always on media channels

First Impressions is proud to bring you SmartPack™, in partnership with Hirt & Carter Digital Solutions. SmartPack™ is a digital solution that turns your packaging into an always-on communication channel that delivers deeper engagement, real-time intelligence, and end-to-end traceability.

SmartPack™ has the ability to connect physical packaging to a wider digital ecosystem with a multitude of benefits for both brands and consumers. It does this through a scannable SmartCode™, which is mapped onto pack and gives the product a unique digital identity. The SmartCode™ (a unique identifier) captures and stores data throughout the product lifecycle and is used for consumer engagement, traceability, and brand protection.

With more and more of our daily lives being spent online and the rapid rise of ecommerce, consumers are seldom without their smartphones, so SmartPack™ uses consumers’ own devices to engage with them. Through a simple scan, brands can deliver personalisation, precision and storytelling to build loyalty. They can also reward consumers with personalised promotions, vouchers and loyalty programs. It allows new levels of transparency and visibility by opening a direct and interactive channel for consumer feedback, surveys, and reviews, bringing brands and consumers closer together than ever before.

Connected packaging is proven to drive first-party data acquisition and deliver growth. SmartPack™ outperforms mobile display advertising with scan rates of 3-10% and an average dwell time of one minute. 30-40% of these scans result in another action being taken and registration rates on campaigns are between 25-50%. All of this on a brand-owned media platform that’s more affordable and effective and allows for ROI analytics, data enrichment, and replenishment.

With the agility of the SmartCode™, there’s no need for on-going pack updates to execute different campaigns with SmartPack™. Our platform allows campaigns to be switched on and off in real-time and SmartCodes™ can be seamlessly reformatted to redirect their functionality.

From a brand’s operations perspective, SmartPack™, as a solution, can help secure their supply chains and shield business & a brands reputation by ensuring product authenticity & to help guard against counterfeiting. SmartPack’s™ next level brand protection solution includes end-to-end traceability and authentication.

SmartPack™ provides a platform to digitise consumer products at massive scale and enables brands to thrive in this new competitive landscape. First Impression Labels is excited to be able to offer this powerful, market leading service. Get in touch with our sales team today to find out more –