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Winning with purpose at Global Inkspiration Awards

First Impression Labels has recently been recognised for outstanding achievement in digital print at the global HP Inkspiration Awards 2022. Out of 3987 entries from all over the world, the Yes!Definitely water bottle was the winner of the Sustainability category and deemed to demonstrate excellent work, creativity and inspiration in graphic arts. There is real purpose behind Yes!Definitely’s water bottle range, using its packaging in a socially and environmentally innovative manner to promote artists, encourage recycling, support local businesses and create jobs. We are delighted to have helped their vision come to life.

The HP Inkspiration Awards recognises and rewards excellence in the field of digital printing. Submissions from all over the world are judged by a panel of industry experts who select three finalists per category. The final winners are chosen via a public vote. All entries must have been printed on HP Indigo or HP PageWide Press solutions and are evaluated in terms of overall aesthetics, marketing impact, shelf appeal, design suitability, uniqueness and media substrates. The Sustainability category incorporates everything related to recyclability, biodegradability, reducing waste and creating environmental awareness.

Our partner, Yes!Definitely, is small, environmentally sensitive South African company that collaborates with local artists to create iconic designs on fully recyclable water bottles. This patented product is a South African and world first. The unique, reusable bottles provide a platform for artists with each bottle carrying the name and link to the selected artist. As the artworks are changed every few months, the bottles are sought after collectibles.

We digitally print the water bottle labels in CMYK and one white on Clean Flake™, a highly specialised material which enables the full recycling process to take place. Digital printing plays a cost-saving role, as these labels are Gang-printed with multiple SKUs, lowering plate costs and improving flexibility for multiple designs. The substrate supports an easy-peel, recycling-friendly adhesive. The printed labels are textured so the beautiful designs can be felt as well as seen. Labelling avoids printing on the bottle, facilitating easier recycling. The bottles are packed in fully recyclable, self-assemble, cardboard point-of-sale display boxes.

The 47g, 500ml bottle converted by Mpact Plastics Atlantis is a single-stage, injection-stretch-blow moulded product. Being heavier than the usual 19g preform, it gives a glass-like feel and offers a potential increase in revenue when collected by recycling pickers and a simple black closure makes recycling easier. The mass also encourages multiple re-uses as opposed to disposal. Mpact Plastics used specialised venting and processing techniques to ensure a perfect rigid shape and the dimensions allow maximum shelf impact and artwork exposure while maximising distribution efficiency in the presentation cartons.

The bottles are exported to Europe, the UK and the Middle East and are finalists and winners in international design awards. The exposure has generated other work and opportunities for the featured artists. To date, 86 artists have been promoted and if you’d like to find out more or submit your artwork, go to

The project is environmentally compliant, but in essence, the packaging is used as an enabler for a broader social goal, creating awareness and changing people’s behaviour around plastic use and pollution. As passionate advocates for environmentally responsible practices within the labelling industry, we are so proud and happy to have been a part of this journey.

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