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The Shrink Sleeve Label or Shrink Wrap Sleeve is a film tube that is slipped over a container and shrunk using heat or steam to fit the contours of a container. The sleeve allows for complete coverage of the container and adds an extra element to a product by allowing for its original shape to be showcased.

Shrink Sleeves are often used as tamper seals with the addition of a perforation. Alternatively, they can be used to band packs of multiple products together for promotions. This type of heat shrink label is becoming increasingly popular due to its many advantages.

Heat Shrink Sleeves can be matte, varnished, foiled, perforated and numbered. They can be supplied in two forms: cut and stacked for hand application, or on a roll for machine application.


A self-adhesive, or pressure-sensitive label, is a label printed onto a substrate, with an adhesive on the back that can be peeled off of backing paper and applied to various products.

There are a variety of substrates – both paper and filmic – and a variety of adhesives available, depending on the product and application. Labels can also be varnished, laminated, foiled and numbered.

Self-adhesive labels are die-cut into shape and supplied either on a roll, sheeted or cut and stacked. Due to the many options and capabilities, coupons are often created as self-adhesive labels. Labels are generally surface printed but can also be printed onto both sides of the substrate. This allows us to create multi-layer labels and many other creative effects.


These labels live up to their name: a label is wrapped around a container and the tail end of the label overlaps and adheres to the leading edge. This kind of label is well suited to surfaces that labels battle to stick to and they are less likely to be affected by external contamination.

These labels are often cost-effective, offering 360-degree coverage and great transparency if needed. They can be gloss or matt, varnished and numbered if required. Wrap-Around labels are always machine applied and narrow edge leading. Material options include white, clear or metallic and are available in a variety of microns.


This type of label, also known as a base wrap, is excellent for advertising or promotional use. It is simply a large, adhesive-free repeated label, supplied on a roll in a variety of sizes.

Base wrap labels are designed to wrap-around and decorate or conceal a case stack, pallet or the base of a display case, making it more attractive to consumers.

The material used is generally LDPE, which is 70-micron white film. Polyrolls are generally always varnished for appeal as well as for scuff resistance, and they are supplied on rolls in the required number of metres.


A coupon is a pressure-sensitive label that can be applied to a surface and subsequently peeled off. Coupons are mainly used for promotional purposes. Popular examples include redeemable discounts or a unique code hidden on the under layer.

We can print 2 types of coupons. The first is a Peel and Read Coupon, which is made up of 2 layers of material and provides 3 possible sides for printing. The second is a Tear-Off Coupon, which is made up of 1 layer and provides 2 possible sides for printing.

We can use almost any substrate and adhesive for coupons such as – white, clear, removable, metallic and board. We also provide unique numbering with numbers that we generate in-house for coupons that require this.


This label is printed on large sheet – or roll-fed printers and then cut into the correct shape and stacked, ready to be placed into the magazines of labelling machines where glue will be applied before positioning on the product packaging.

Cut and stack labels offer many great benefits and options to brands who want their products to stand out on shelf. They are highly customisable and can be printed to just about any size and come as square, die-cut labels or full wrap labels. A variety of eye-catching finishes can be applied such as UV coating, embossing, bronzing and more. They are also a very durable type of label and can withstand moisture, extreme temperatures, and other adverse conditions.